Bad Admins

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Bad Admins

Post by Steve6078 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:28 pm

:evil: An Admin Called Me An Ass because I was saying Spanish word "Que" and then banned me for "Muppetry" I need help because Now Im Permantly banned.Help please

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Re: Bad Admins

Post by Lei » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:47 pm

You were trolling chat from the moment you joined, refused to to heed the mod's warning to keep public chat in English and now complain that you were punished and have the audacity to call any staff a 'bad admin' because you were being an arse in chat... Why do you wish to be unbanned? I'm confused as to why you expect us to think you will now follow the rules when you didn't before...

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Re: Bad Admins

Post by bigpresh » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:58 pm

I was the admin. I didn't ban you just because you were saying the Spanish word "Que", I banned you because you were trolling, and you 'said the Spanish word "Que"' in response to me asking you to use English in the in-game chat; it was the last straw of your muppetry that got you banned, not the sole reason.

A sample from the logs:

Code: Select all

[21:07:25] Steve6078> How Do I exit spawn!>
[21:07:28] JoeyCannoli> ...
[21:07:30] JoeyCannoli> fucking walk
[21:07:35] JoeyCannoli> press and hold w
[21:07:40] Steve6078> I can't fuck my walk!!!
[21:07:50] JoeyCannoli> you're a fucking idiot
[21:08:01] Steve6078> I can't fuck my idiotness.
[21:08:47] Steve6078> All I can do in the O of idiot is stick mai dek in it
[21:09:20] JoeyCannoli> you make zero sense, steve
[21:09:35] Steve6078> Thats my specialty/
[21:09:54] Steve6078> I'm only 11 but still.
[21:10:08] JoeyCannoli> you're pretty stupid for 11
[21:10:18] Wholemealcat> calm down, leave the new guy alone
[21:10:19] Steve6078> I'm 11 with adhd soz...
[21:10:31] JoeyCannoli> adhd doesnt make you stupid
[21:11:17] Steve6078> Stop being an ass.
[21:13:35] Steve6078> JKLMP
[21:13:44] JoeyCannoli> ?
[21:14:04] Steve6078> Olan.
[21:14:17] Steve6078> turk olan
[21:14:33] [IRC] <bigpresh> English in the chat please, Steve
[21:14:38] Steve6078> Que?
[21:14:51] [IRC] <bigpresh> Don't be an ass, you clearly speak English,
[21:14:52] Steve6078> Que?
[21:15:00] [IRC] <bigpresh> Alright, fine.
[21:15:01] [Server thread/INFO]: CONSOLE issued server command: /ban Steve6078 Muppetry.
So, yes, you were banned, and it was deserved.
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