The Wild: King of the Hill

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Re: The Wild: King of the Hill

Post by Smaj » Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:38 pm

The Earth shakes.

Tremors reach across the realm, across the earth.

Seas drain, mountains crumble, the stars shift, swirling around a lone hill as a presence is felt by all.

The animals turn, herd themselves towards this epicentre, this epicentre where petty squabbles are being fought over this focal point of their triviality. The-Wilds cattle, npcs monsters and mobs all begin to what can only be described as a grovel of fealty, neigh, a devout pledge of their feeble existence towards this ever increasing presence. This presence which in great waves of the sweetest ecstasy mingled indefinably with overwhelming terror building to an unreachable crescendo, slowly, painfully, excruciatingly, exquisitely teaching them that the oldest of ancient fables, the fables of the protector of the worthy, Fucker of rain, Smiter of all, THE LordMod, all Hail and bask in that holiest of names and all of his glory is returning to the domain of The-Wild.

With great bolts of thunderous Smites from cloudless heavens, in one last wave of bitter-sweet triumph, in the very focal point of the chaos that surrounds the hill, emerges a figure of he who will rule. There erupts into the world, that Smaj has returned.

Where he allows all the continue their existence by allowing their worship of him as he captures the hill. The End.

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Re: The Wild: King of the Hill

Post by DiamondHunter98 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:35 pm


Smaj was offline for too long and I request the hill to be transferred to me. Bring it on.
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