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Forum upgraded

Post by bigpresh » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:29 pm

As you can see, I've upgraded the forum. The version we were running before was old and EOL'd, and thus wouldn't receive security fixes etc, so was a potential security risk.

We tried to upgrade in the past, but bailed out because the theme we used before wasn't compatible with newer versions of the forum software, and would require a lot of work to convert (or, more likely, start from scratch customising a semi-suitable theme from the new forum software version until it looked similar).

I haven't time to do that, though, but did want to upgrade so we're up-to-date, so I've just picked a nice, dark theme and slapped our logo on it.

So - sorry if the new design is a bit of a shock, I'd have preferred to have kept our old forum theme, but the choice was the old theme and outdated software that would sooner or later get exploited, or security, and I chose the latter.

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